Tortorella Challenges Former Players’ Manhood

I am very hesitant to post anything about John Tortorella on the blog because he's no longer the head coach of the Rangers, so I really don't care what he does in Vancouver.

However, it looks like he did a series of interviews yesterday with the Vancouver media and gave up a couple of nuggets I thought you guys would be interested in.

Here's Tortorella basically challenges his former players for going behind his back during last season's exit interviews (The Providence)…

“What bothered me the most is I thought I was pretty close to the guys, and in exit interviews they come by my desk too, and no one said anything to me,” Tortorella said.

“I wish they would have said something to me. Glen (Sather) probably still would have fired me, but you hope you develop people to be men, and I thought we were there. I guess it went through a third party instead of face-to-face. I know it happens in the game, I don’t agree with it."

…WOW!!!! Torts basically challenged his former players' manhood. DAMN!!!!! I guess keeping things in the locker room goes out the window once you're fired.

…i agree with Torts that if players have a problem with the coach they should be man enough to say it to his face instead of basically throwing him under the bus during an exit interview. Having said that, I think the toxic environment that eventually divided the coach from his players last year (see Torts saying Hagelin stinks) most likely kept the players from going directly to him and forced them to air their dirty laundry to Sather.

…i disagree with Torts that he would have been fired either way. I think Sather was caught off-guard by the exit interview criticism of the former head coach as well as Lundqvist's non-committal to an extension with the Rangers and made a snap decision. I'm not saying it was the wrong decision, but I do think it was one Sather didn't anticipate making the morning after the Rangers were eliminated by the Bruins.

Tortorella also spoke with the Vancouver Sun about his disappointment with not being named to the U.S. Olympic coaching staff as well as his discussions with Alain Vigneault about the mechanics of each organization.

However, the highlight of the interview was Tortorella's answer to whether he has spoken to the New York Post's Larry Brooks since being fired…

"No — and we won’t."

…hysterical. Can't wait till Torts gets his first Brooks question when the Rangers and Canucks meet-up this season.

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