Top Five Rangers Goals From February

February was the first full month of the season, and although it wasn't an ideal one for the Rangers there were still plenty of quality moments. The Rangers already played their first game in March yesterday with a shootout win against the Sabres, but let's take one last look at the month of February with my compilation of the team's top five goals of the month.

I took a number of factors into consideration when ranking the goals, including importance, if it's a milestone, and of course the actual skill level and difficulty of the goal and/or how it was set up. I left out any shootout goals. 

This month unsurprisingly featured a lot of Rick Nash. So what do you think? Would you change the order? Or did I leave any out that should have been included? Let's hope March is a better month for the Rangers and is one that will provide for an even better video. 

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