Too Many Men Penalties Have to Be a Practical Joke

Through 12 games this season, the Rangers have six, count em, six too many men on the ice penalties. Yes, that means the Rangers have a 50% chance of being assessed one tonight.

I didn't think a team could do that if they tried. It's the most basic part of the game of hockey. I remember learning how to properly administer a line change in Pee Wee hockey. And it's not like they had to teach me. When the coach says my line is up, I wait for the guy on that line playing my position to come to the bench and I jump over the boards. Easy, right?

Which is why I'm convinced it's a practical joke the Rangers players are playing on John Tortorella. Although the Rangers coach doesn't find it funny (via New York Post)…

“Another too-many-men, huh? No, I don’t want to expand on it. It [stinks], what do you want me to say. It’s stupid. It [stinks]. It’s brutal. I can use a lot of different things.”

…how embarrassing would it be if when the players showed up at practice one day, Torts had them all get on the bench and practice line changes? Talk about the ultimate insult. Although, at this point it would be totally appropriate to do it.

…if the Rangers could ever get their line changes and power play figured out, this team would be unstoppable.

And even when the Rangers do complete a line change they're a mess as evidenced by this Keystone Cops moment Sunday night against the Lightning…

…i chuckle every time I see Staal fall off the boards and onto the ice.

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