There’s A Scoreboard In The New MSG Scoreboard

Via reader JT.

Via HF Boards.

…Hooooooly crap. There's a scoreboard IN the scoreboard so the players on the bench and ice have an easy time seeing the replay. Now that's awesome.

…the HD on the scoreboard screen is so ridiculous the first pic almost looks fake. It's too bad the fans obstructed by the new bridges won't get to see it. But hey, at least there's TV's on the back of the bridges. That's almost the same.

For those of you hoping to see this amazing monstrosity, I hope you have a lot of cash on hand as according to, the Rangers have the eighth highest average ticket price in the NHL (second highest for American teams) at $232.93.

…that is so disgustingly absurd, I'm actually nauseous. So much for a family outing to a game. Unless of course you're willing to sell a kidney on the black market.

Speaking of expensive tickets, if you guys and gals are interested, the Rangers are offering an exclusive opportunity to purchase tickets to the 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series™ at Yankee Stadium from now until Tuesday when they release them to the public.

To purchase, you need to use the code NYRFAN and click here.

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