The Torts Fist Pump!

Courtesy of my good friends over at The Pens Blog comes this amazing gif of the notorious John Tortorella "overtime winner" fist pump last night in Raleigh…

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…i've literally watched this a thousand times already.

…i tell you what, you can criticize Torts about a lot of things (line juggling, Kreider, etc.), but as I've said numerous times on this blog, the guy cares about the success of the Rangers franchise. Don't know how anyone can look at Torts' emotion in the above gif and not be excited to have a guy like that behind the bench.

…as we remember from the early 2000s, it's not easy to get into the playoffs and the Rangers have now qualified for them in four of Torts' five seasons behind the Blueshirts' bench.

Here's Torts after the game…

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