The Rangers Aren’t Fighting

Last season, the Rangers led the NHL in fighting majors with 65. This season? Not so much according to Jeff Klein at the New York Times

"After fighting eight times in the season’s first five games, the Rangers have fought only once since."

The Rangers last fight was against the Islanders on February 14th when Arron Asham fought Eric Boulton.

Their nine fighting majors is tied for 18th in the NHL.

…no wonder these recent games are so boring. Remember how much more fun games were last year when the Rangers did this…

…i'm not saying if the Rangers start gooning it up "Slap Shot" style they'll automatically start winning more consistently, but, wow, a fight here or there could really be used to spark this uninspired team.

…plus, did you hear that noise in the background of the video? It was a raucous MSG. Something that has been far and few in between this year. Like it or not, when a team is struggling, a well timed brew-ha-ha can energize a crowd just as much as big goal.

…can you say Dylan McIlrath? You know McIlrath, the guy who does this when one of his teammates is flattened…

…all reports out of Connecticut say he's not ready, but how much worse than Bickel or Eminger can he be?

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