The NHL and PED Use Open Thread 7/28/13

With the MLB about to be ravaged with more suspension news from the Biogenisis investigation and the NFL always handing out discipline for drug and substance abuse issues, the one sport you never hear of in regards to PED use is the NHL.

Squeaky clean. Almost too squeaky.

Larry Brooks of the NY Post looks at this matter in his Sunday's Slap Shots column. 

"I mean, 2,011 players have appeared in at least one game since the NHL reopened for business following the 2004-05 canceled season, and not one — not one? — has been a user?"

It's a sterling reputation to uphold. The NHL's minute problem are its players abusing steroids, HGH and other performance-enhancing drugs. Congratulations — you still have men, however, abusing painkillers and sleeping pills like they were candy and team doctors acting as bookies and enablers in some cases (the league and NHLPA are in a legal battle with Derek Boogaard family over this issue).

But I digress…the only player within recent memory to have a PED reference attached to his name was Alex Ovechkin, but nothing ever came of it and was deemed baseless. Aside from that, the NHL, who uses Olympic style testing, remains pure to its sport.

Which leads us to today's open thread topic: Do you think there are any NHL players on 'the gear?' Taking PEDs and not getting caught? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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