The New MSG Bridges

One aspect of the MSG transformation I've been looking forward to the most are the proposed bridges that are supposed to be suspended over the arena. Here's some great renderings of what they'll look like which were posted over at HF Boards

Meanwhile, reader Stephen F. sends me this pic of an MSG model with the bridges…

Finally, Madison Square Garden CEO Hank Ratner discusses the final phase of the construction, including the bridges on Fox Business News…

…i know there's been mixed feelings on the bridges from Rangers fans, but I like the uniqueness of them. Plus, it seems like, from the renderings, that the bridges are more like seating sections than just a walk thru. Wonder if these seats will cost more or less than regular 200 section.

…a couple of negatives is the potential of an obstructed view for the seats in the last few rows of section 200. If nothing else the bridge will likely block the new scoreboard. Also with the bridges suspended over fans, what's to stop those drunken fools sitting in the bridge seats from dropping food, drinks and other items on those below?

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