The Nash Shootout Goal Just Because

Assumed everyone wanted to see this again this morning…

…not sure about you guys, but totally did the Shaquille O'Neal at the NBA Slam Dunk contest face when Nash scored that shootout goal.

…btw, how great is Bruins announcer Jack Edwards. "Rick Nash, with as many moves as Tarzan with 60 yards of rope" & "That's not fair!" Awesome stuff.

Here's Nash on the move (via Bergen Record)…

“Yeah, it was obviously what I planned. Coming in with speed, try to sell a move and hopefully he bites and that time he did."

Oh yeah, Nash also did this last night…

…in a word…Nashty.

…saw lots of criticisims out there of Nash's "selfish" third period penalty that started the Bruins run. While it did look like Nash was angry with Lucic and was going after him, I'm sorry that was a weak ass call by the refs.

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