The God Damn Power Play

As TheNYRBlog's Adam Herman tweeted after the second period of Saturday's Rangers/Leafs game, the below picture says a thousand words…

Yeah, one for each failed power play during the John Tortorella/Mike Sullivan era.

After going 0-for-4 with the man advantage against Toronto the Rangers are now 2-for-22 on the power play to start the season. That's a paltry 9.1% and good for 27th in the league.

There are a ton of things wrong with the power play. Lack of player and puck movement, no one in front of the net, not being able to spread penalty killers out and, gee, what's that last one? I can't seem to remember what else they're forgetting on the power play, oh yeah…

And while watching the Rangers power play will likely make you want to do shots, the real issue is that for some insane reason the Blueshirts are refusing to do the hockey version of it.

Last week in Philadelphia they had just TWO shots on net during a full two minute 5-on-3. You almost have to try to do that. And then Saturday night, while I thought they were much better with Richards off the point, when you don't even register a shot on goal during a power play (3rd pp of the night) you're not getting enough rubber towards the net.

What's the Wayne Gretzky saying? " You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." That couldn't be more appropriate than with the Rangers power play.

There is absolutely no reason that a power play which features Brad Richards, Marian Gaborik and Rick Nash should have a success rate under 10%. That's inexcusable.

Which brings me back to the above picture. At some point, Sullivan is going to have to be held responsible for this abomination of a Rangers power play. Not sure if Torts yelling at him between periods is the first evidence of strain in their relationship, but it was more than interesting to witness.

And yes, I know Sullivan isn't the one out on the ice not shooting. However, over the last three and a half years we've seen a lot of power play personnel come and go, but one thing has remained the same and it isn't Rangers fans screaming for Torts to decline the two-minute advantage.

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