Terms, Not Money Could Be Hang-up In Lundqvist Extension Talks

As if the Derek Stepan contract fiasco hasn't depressed you enough, Bob McKenzie at TSN tells us there will likely be a hang-up with contract terms in the on-going extension negotiations with Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers.

McKenzie says the question for the Rangers is if they want to give a 31-year-old goaltender a long term deal.

McKenzie adds that no matter what the terms, Lundqvist is going to get north of $7 million per year.

…i have stated my opinion numerous times on the blog, but I will reiterate that it would be the height of stupidity for the Rangers to offer a max eight-year contract at $7M plus per year to a 31-year old goaltender. Even if it is Lundqvist.

…he is in his prime NOW. You will never see Lundqvist better than he is at this exact moment. So, once he's extended, the Rangers will maybe get two more years of this caliber of play and then the decline will begin. Just think about the albatross that contract will be when he's 37. Yikes.

…at the same time, Lundqvist is trying to make this the last contract he will ever sign. Which makes sense because if he signs a five-year deal, his price tag at the end of that contract will be much less than what it was at the beginning. So he will be losing a ton of money.

…similar to the Stepan contract negotiations, I can see both sides of the argument. Unfortunately, it likely means we could be in for some tense times with Lundqvist's contract as well. Ugh.

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