Teams Making Preparations for Training Camp?

According to Chris Botta of SportsBusiness Journal, two NHL teams have begun preparations for training camp to start late next week, in line with Commissioner Gary Bettman's deadline of January 11 for a "drop-dead date" for the 2012-13 season. Teams would need just over a week to prepare for a season that would start January 19.

But do these teams know something we don't? Not the case.

Both teams made it clear that they have no inside information that a deal is certain to be done. One exec said it was “simply common sense” to be ready because either a season will begin around the weekend of Jan. 19-20 — as Bettman insisted last week — or it will be canceled. 

… Like Botta mentioned, it's common sense otherwise teams will be scrambling to make the necessary preparations if/when the lockout ends.

… If you're not doing so already, Follow Botta on Twitter (@ChrisBottaNHL). He's been blunt, insightful and accurate during the lockout, and is one of the few media members sticking by his guns that there will be a season.

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