Talbot Gets Second Straight Start Tonight

Let the insanity begin. Alain Vigneault has officially made the boldest move of his short New York Rangers head coaching career as he will start Cam Talbot for the second straight game over Henrik Lundqvist tonight against Winnipeg.

Vigneault said that despite giving his backup the nod tonight, Lundqvist is still the number one starter.

Vigneault did add that based on the way Talbot has been playing he's the best option tonight.

Here's Lundqvist, who admitted he's not happy with the decision, on the sitting tonight (via Rangers)…

"We have a great relationship. I support Cam, he supports me..it's about the team..tonight this is best for the team."

Lundqvist added that while contract concerns were a distractions during the preseason, they aren't now. He also doesn't feel the team plays differently in front of Talbot.

…had to know this was going to be the move when AV wouldn't announce starter on Saturday. I'd pay to see video of the Rangers head coach breaking this news to Lundqvist. Can't imagine it went over too well.

…i know it's just one game, but I don't want to hear anyone down play this decision. The cornerstone of the Rangers for the last eight years has just been benched because AV feels the backup goaltender with all of seven starts in his NHL career gives the Rangers a better chance to win tonight. If that's not controversial, I don't know what is.

…to the move itself. I like it. This Rangers team needs to be shaken up a bit, especially Lundqvist, who, at best, has been average this season. Plus, Talbot has been way too hot to ignore. And is Hank kidding me saying the team doesn't play differently in front of Talbot? Ummm, yes they do.

…besides a wakeup call for Lundqvist, it puts every player in that Rangers locker room on notice. If you're not performing up to expectations, you will not play. Very impressed that AV had the chutzpah to make this move.

…having said that, I hope AV's ready for any blow back from the media, players and fans if this back fires. Especially if Lundqvist becomes so jaded with decision, he asks to be moved or announces he will seek free agency this summer. Should be real interesting to see what happens if Talbot has another impressive performance tonight.

In much less controversial news, John Moore and Taylor Pyatt will be healthy scratches for the second game in a row.

…no surprise here as AV rarely changes his lineup after a win.

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