“Still Have A Ways to Go” on CBA Agreement

Yesterday, the NHLPA presented the NHL with a counter-proposal to the owner's newest CBA offer. Gary Bettman decided to ring in the new year by reading the 26-page rebuttal last night. Here's Bettman (via CSN Chicago)…

“We made a comprehensive proposal that was (288) pages. They’ve come back with a comprehensive response. We need time to analyze it. We’re going to do (review) (Monday night). The expectation is we’ll contact them (Tuesday) morning and get together hopefully by midday.”

Daren Millard at Sportsnet reports that a league source in the meetings says "we still have a ways to go."

While Donald Fehr told Jesse Spector at the Sporting News that there’s “not much to say” just yet.

…"still have a ways to go"? "not much to say"? Not exactly what I want to be hearing with just 11 days till the drop dead date.

…despite everything negative I've said regarding the CBA on the blog and all the doom and gloom I've forecast, I really do think at the end of the day something will get done. Bettman and the owners have had this drop dead date in their sites the entire time, while Fehr was more than happy to wait it out along with them in an effort to get everything he can for his clients. And that's what really makes me angry. If the owners had an arbitrary date in mind the entire time (Why is a 48 game schedule the cutoff?), why couldn't they have made it in November and spared us all this heartache?

…there's no way these guys are dumb enough to lose another season. Right?

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