Video: Stepan’s PP Goal Because We Don’t Get To See Them Too Often

Pretty ironic that one of the prettiest power play goals you're ever going to see came from one of the worst power play units you're ever going lay your eyes on. And since we don't get to see Rangers power play goals too often, I figured I had to post it…

…got to hope this goal does something to get the confidence going on the power play. Would love to see Sullivan draw up a few more of these beauties. If he does, I might have to start thinking about not criticizing him anymore. I said might.

…to Stepan. I know one power play goal doesn't magically make him a better player than Ryan O'Reilly or confirm my belief that the Rangers are better off with their homegrown center. What it does prove is that the Rangers have enough talent in their locker room to make another run at the Cup without having to scour the league for upgrades. Seriously, when does that strategy ever work for the Rangers?

…that Del Zotto pass was pretty sweet as well. His potential is there he just needs to become a better student of the game. Someone please get him in a room with Brian Leetch.

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