Stepan/Rangers About $1 Million Apart

According to Larry Brooks at the New York Post, Derek Stepan and the Rangers remain about $1 million apart in contract negotiations.

Stepan is believed to be seeking $7 million on a two-year bridge deal while the Rangers are thought to have offered just under $6 million.

Brooks adds that depending on the final roster, the Rangers appear to have between $3-$3.5 million of available cap space.

…ummmm, so can't the two sides just meet in the middle on a two-year, $6.5 million deal? Seems ridiculous that either side is letting this drag on over what could be $500K over two years.

…with the strong play of centers such as Boyle and Lindberg this preseason, I think Stepan is going to start feeling the pressure of having to sign soon, because if he doesn't he will find himself low on the depth chart and possibly even on the wing.

…assuming AV isn't a fan of what Stepan is writing on his "clean slate."

…nobody wins when a holdout lasts this long.

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