Stepan Expects to Be at Camp

Steve Zipay at Newsday was able to talk with Derek Stepan at U.S. Olympic orientation camp today about his on-going contract negotiations…

"I don’t expect either side expects me not to be (at training camp). These things take time. Both sides are working at finding the right number and a fair deal for both sides."

Ryan McDonagh, who is also at orientation camp, added this on Stepan…

 "He’ll be there (at camp). It’s a unique situation for him but ultimately, he’ll be a Ranger…"

Glen Sather has said the Rangers are not going to give Stepan a long term deal and instead will likely offer a "gap" contract.

In related news, the Devils re-signed Adam Henrique to a 6-year, $24 million contract today.

…not to rain on everyone's parade, but just because Stepan expects to be at camp doesn't mean he will. Having said that, I'd much rather hear this, than "we'll wait and see." Either way, a deal will get done, but it might not happen until late into camp.

…and here's a big, fat F YOU to Henrique and the Devils for screwing the Rangers again. No way Stepan's agent doesn't use that contract to his advantage, especially when his client scored almost 30 more points than the Devils forward last season. Ugh.

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