“Staying With It” Key for Rangers

For the last few days I've bemoaned the fact that the Rangers needed more energy, passion and resiliency. Apparently one characteristic I forgot to mention was patience, which was all the talk in the locker room after the Rangers 5-2 win against Toronto last night…

John Tortorella (Rangers post-game notes)…

“I don’t know if the first four games had anything to do with it, I thought we were playing well.   It was a matter of staying with it.  Their goalie played really well, and we just needed to keep on playing our game. If we scored a couple goals I thought we would win it.   We finally did that in the third.”

Brad Richards (ESPN.com)…

“People that have been around the league for awhile know that when you’re struggling, some weird things happen, like outshooting a team [14-3] and being down two-nothing. Those seem to happen more when you’re trying to find yourself than they do when things are going right so, you have to try to stay with it and know that doing the right things will get you out of it."

Marc Staal…

“We knew it was just a matter of time before they started going in for us, so we stayed at it, didn’t get frustrated and ended up with a good win.”

…and there's the difference between players and fans. For the last week we Rangers fans have been suffering through an emotional rollercoaster, meanwhile Torts and the players have remained patient and confident that there's enough talent in the locker room to eventually get this thing going in the right direction.

…having said that, the difference between the battle level in the two wins compared to the three loses is tangible. If they can't keep this level of intensity going on a gamely basis, last night's win will become more the exception than the norm.

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