Staal Skates; Miller to Whale

So, apparently while I was renovating my bathroom there was some Rangers news. None bigger than Marc Staal reporting that he has begun skating for the first time since being sidelined by a puck to the eye on March 5th.

Staal, who took the ice for the first time yesterday and again today, said this about the injury (via Blueshirts United)…

"The first night the eye looked good, I didn't need surgery, so that was good. Every week or so from there the vision would clear up and get better, so that was encouraging. It's been tough, though. That first week was pretty scary, I don't think my wife slept the first four nights wiping blood off my eye and off my face."

Staal's vision is still not back to 100% and he does not have a timetable for a return.

Here's Staal's full interview…

…WOW! He looks great. For some reason I thought there'd still be bruising. Never like hearing he might never regain full vision, but it doesn't sound like it'll prevent him from playing again.

…and let's hope he returns soon because after what we witnessed last night, the Rangers need Staal back as soon as possible.

In other news, the Rangers assigned JT Miller to the CT Whale.

Miller has missed the last four games with a wrist injury.

…this is obviously not unexpected.

…another major positive of Sather's deadline moves is it brought great depth to the Rangers organization allowing them to develop Miller at their own pace with the Whale, instead of being forced to use the young center when he was obviously not ready for the every day demands of the NHL.

…the experience he gained during his 26 games in the NHL will be integral to his development. He now has a working knowledge of what he needs to improve on and will be a better NHL player for it.

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