Staal’s Vision Still Blurry, Needs to Work on Depth Perception

Katie Strang at reports that after skating for a third straight day, Marc Staal says that while his peripheral vision is fine, his eyesight is still blurry and he needs to work on depth perception for reads on plays in tight.

Strang also notes that Staal also found it helpful reaching out to Dany Heatley, Colin White and Manny Malhotra, who each suffered similar eye injuries.

…i know Berard played with blurred vision, but I'm not so sure the Rangers should take a chance by just throwing him in there unless he's 100% comfortable and confident playing while visually impaired.

…maybe Staal can bring Del Zotto along when he works on his depth perception.

…got to love the sense of community in the NHL that allows Staal to reach out to other players, including a former Devil, to get an idea of what he's up against.

Staal helmet pic courtesy of Laura Behnke of WABC Eyewitness News.

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