Staal in Top Shape

Nicholas J. Cotsonika at Yahoo! Sports noted that because Marc Staal recovered from his eye injury early enough this summer he has been able to get himself into top shape for training camp.

While Staal says he's back to normal, he does admit that he still needs to test himself in practices, scrimmages and games.

Here's brother Jordan on how Marc has looked during their workouts together this offseason…

“It doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all. I’ve watched him on the ice, and it seems he’s the same old Marc. I don’t really think about him other than to see the visor on him. That’s the only thing that looks different. He seems confident and ready to go.”

…as Staal says, the big test will be when he's playing in a game, but after the dire reports we received on his condition immediately afterward, I'm ecstatic about his progress.

…i have always felt that Staal was over-rated by Rangers fans, but I can't deny the positive impact his presence has on the Rangers line-up. The Rangers defensive corps goes from solid to one of the best in the league the second he steps on the ice.

…really hoping AV is able to get Staal to finally live up to his offensive potential because up until this point he has fallen short of expectations.

Marc Staal also reflected on the aftermath of the gruesome injury last March that forced him to miss the remainder of the regular season and all but one playoff game. Here's Staal on being examined in the trainer's room after the incident…

“I couldn’t see a thing, and that was pretty scary. I could see one dot of light. I could see one light bulb. But the guy’s hand would be in front of my face, and there would be nothing there.”


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