Staal Doing Well, Still No Timetable

With everything so negative going on around the Rangers these days, it's nice to get some positive news as Marc Staal is said to be recovering nicely from his concussion (Via Blueshirts United)…

"He's doing well," head coach Alain Vigneault said of Staal. "He's been doing off-ice conditioning the last three days. As far as I know he's been doing real well. I'm not exactly sure what the next steps are, but he's been working out off the ice here."

According to the Rangers, there is no official timetable for Staal to return to the ice at this point in time.

…i guess this is better than hearing he's sitting in a dark room by himself.

…assuming the Rangers are going to be extra slow and careful with his recovery. Every precaution must be made. Although with the Rangers medical staff you never know. He could be back out there on Sunday still concussed.

…from what I can remember (man, I was drunk last night at the game), besides the homerun hit that McIlrath whiffed on, he looked decent. Sure, his skating isn't very good and he's not going to dazzle you on offense, but that's not why he was drafted or currently on the roster. He added some edge and proved his hockey intelligence as he was able to provoke Dubinsky into a penalty, while not having to drop the gloves. Although, I wouldn't have minded seeing him pound on someone. Now that the nervousness of his debut is past him, I expect an even better McIlrath on Sunday.

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