Source Confirms Rangers Interest in Boyle

Katie Strang at reports that a source confirmed the Rangers have interest in San Jose Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle.

Boyle's $6.66 million annual cap hit runs through next season, but Strang's source indicated that the Rangers are not opposed to adding a player with years remaining on his contract if he’s a good fit.

Boyle has a limited no-trade clause, but Strang says it is not immediately clear whether the Rangers are on the list of eight teams to which he would not accept a trade.

Strang adds it is believed that San Jose wants to add some youth to its lineup without a complete overhaul.

…for Boyle to fit under the cap, the Rangers would need to send a big money contract back the other way and with Richards' contract running until 2020, I'd say the most likely candidate San Jose bound would be Gaborik.

…while I wouldn't make this trade for Gaborik, if Sather somehow used his Jedi mind trick to convince San Jose to take Richards & his massive contract back, I might think about it.

…and here's my conspiracy theory trade proposal. I found it very odd that the Rangers recalled Kreider a day after Torts said he still had things to work on with the Whale. While I have no explanation for how the Rangers would fit Boyle under the cap, I wonder if they recalled Kreider to showcase him for the Sharks front office. If they like what they see, they'll pull the trigger, if not then Kreider remains a Ranger. If this ridiculous scenario does play out, I will most likely shut down the blog.

…to Boyle himself, I think he'd be a great acquisition for the Rangers and welcome addition to their struggling power play. Having said that, I don't see how any trade involving Boyle gets done. The Rangers need to open up space to bring in Boyle and the Sharks are looking to add youth and clear cap space. Not sure how the Rangers sending Gaborik or Richards the other way fullfills either of those needs.

Meanwhile, Rangers Assistant GM Jeff Gorton gives us the Rangers strategy going into the April 3rd trade deadline…

…this quote seems like more than it is. Every team fighting for a playoff spot will be aggressive in trade talks at the deadline. If they're not, their GM should be fired.

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