Someone Stole The Broadway Hat?!?!?!?!

During an interview after the Rangers victory over the Lightning Saturday night, Marty Biron informed Rangers Nation that the 2013 Hugo Boss version of The Broadway Hat had been stolen earlier in the year and has been replaced by team owner James Dolan…

"This year when we won the first game at home, somehow our hat got stolen out of our locker room or we lost it or something. So our owner Mr. Dolan walked in the room wearing a black Giorgio Armani hat and we took it off his head and he was willing to give it up for the year so that’s good."

Here's video of the interview…

…great story by Biron, right there. Good to see that my hard earned money that I've spent on Rangers tickets and merchandise has allowed Mr. Dolan to keep up with the fashion trends. Props to him for giving up the hat.

H/T to the NY Rangers Zone.

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