Someone Get the Capitals a Waaaambulance

I'm always going to feel confident about the Rangers winning no matter what, but after seeing the Capitals more concerned about a phantom slew foot than getting ready for a Game 7, I'm feeling better than ever.

Washington's Mike Green took an embarrassingly undisciplined penalty in the third period when he cross checked Derek Dorsett in the mouth after he thought the Rangers agitator kicked out his skates from behind. Unfortunately for Green and the Capitals, the referee saw what everyone else did—Dorsett lost his balance and both his legs kicked up as the players crashed into the boards…

Apparently, the Capitals players didn't see the above video, especially at the 1:22 mark showing there was absolutely no attempt at a slew foot before making these statements…

Braden Holtby (via Washington Post)…

“The one that we all had a problem with, obviously, was the one on Greenie. That’s a play that should be reviewed. It’s only because Greenie’s world-class, one of the best skaters in the world, that he didn’t fall on his back there. It’s a dirty slew foot and we’re short-handed from it. That’s the only one I think any of us have a problem with.”

Capitals Head Coach Adam Oates…

“That play to me is the one that does concern me because it looked like a slew foot to me and obviously that’s why Mike reacted,” Oates said. “Mike’s not that type of player, and you’re watching it, to me it looks like a slew foot. Very dangerous play. Greenie’s one of those guys that they want to target, but to me, that’s a very dangerous play.”

…hey Adam, maybe you should worry more about your high flying offense not scoring than blaming others for why you didn't win.

…and the Rangers didn't even score on the ensuing power play, so who cares. At the very least it would have evened things up anyway and it's not like the Capitals were dominant five-on-five last night.

Eric Fehr also accused Dorsett of diving on the Green cross check to the face.

…the guy takes a two-handed cross check to the teeth and is accused of diving? Talk about grasping for anything. If anyone should be complaining it's Dorsett. The guy is bleeding from the mouth and Green only gets two minutes? Not that the Rangers would have scored on a double minor or five minute major.

…i'm pretty sure Caps fans would rather see Fehr focusing on improving on his ZERO points in the series than making excuses for his teammate.

Here's Dorsett's response…

“When I get moving my feet and playing hard, sometimes it can get under the skin of other guys. Anytime I can do that, I want to try and help get the team on the power play.”

…loving Dorsett's grinding, in-your-face style. Which is something the Rangers were sorely lacking this season and with Clowe injured is going to be that much more important for the Rangers if they want to make any noise in the playoffs. I expect him to be a huge factor in Game 7.

…if the Capitals are more concerned about this irrelevant play than a crucial Game 7 then the Rangers have already won.

Video of Dorsett post game…

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