So What Kind of “Injury” Would Make Richards Ineligible for Compliance Buyout Next Year?

The question I've been asked the most since the Rangers announced they weren't going to use their final compliance buyout on Brad Richards this year is what kind of "injury" would make him ineligible to be amnestied next offseason? And Larry Brooks at the New York Post gives us the answer….

"If Richards suffers an injury next year from which he has not recovered by June 30 (and/or would require postseason surgery), he is ineligible to be bought out in what will be the final amnesty buyout opportunity."

…so basically if Richards breaks a bone, pulls a muscle or suffers a concussion and can't pass a team physucal by June 30th he'll be ineligible.

…now a problem that could arise is if the Rangers conclude that Richards is completely healthy but he disagrees. This has happened in the past with players such as Glen Murray (see here) and David Tanabe (see here) who both filed grievances. And we all know that scenario could get real ugly.

…still scratching my head as to why the Rangers would take this chance.

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