Sean Avery Even Gets in Trouble at Airports

It seems like everywhere he goes, ex-Rangers agitator Sean Avery can't stay off anyone's radar. This time, he was given a hard time at Newark Airport afer he was denied clearance to ­re-enter the U.S. via the expedited Global Entry program. Avery had been traveling with nightclub co-owner Michael Satsky to ­Toronto to look into a potential club/restaurant deal.

Here's what went down (via Page Six of NY Post): 

'Sources tells us a big “X” appeared on the kiosk screen after the hockey star entered his information. An officer then appeared and asked Avery to step onto the regular customs line and have his passport swiped.

An observer said, “The officer took Avery to the front of the line, and they went through the whole traditional passport clearance.” But ­Avery was still flagged, so he was led to a ­private room.'

Avery was not told why he was detained.

- America's finest at work here. At least we know security at our airports is beefed up enough if Sean Avery is being randomly detained.

- Maybe the officials at Newark wanted answers on his rumored engagement perhaps?? 

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