Schedule Breakdown

While individual team schedules will likely not be released until this weekend, Bob McKenzie at TSN gives us a breakdown of what they might look like…

4 games vs. two divisional opponents (8)
5 games vs. two divisional opponents (10)
3 games vs 10 conference opponents (30)

…the schedule is what it is, but I would much rather see each team play five games vs. their four division rivals (20), three games vs. eight conference opponents (24) and two games vs. two conference opponents (4). As a fan, I would hate for Rangers to possibly lose a game each to Flyers and Devils so they can play Panthers and Jets three times.

Here's more on the schedule…

…suntan lotion and Stanley Cup playoffs.

The owners are expected to vote on the new CBA during their Board of Governors meeting today. NHLPA to vote on Saturday.

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