Rangers Not Giving Stepan A Long Term Contract; Teams Asking About Boyle; Staal Fully Recovered

Glen Sather was a recent guest on Edmonton Sports Radio 1260 (H/T Dennis Bernstein at the Fourth Period) and discussed numerous topics including contract negotiations with Derek Stepan…

"Derek is in one of those positions where he's coming off an entry level contract. What we've done historically with all the players we've signed is we've put them into that gap contract where they have two years then after the first year then you negotiate an extention of that contract. That's pretty much what we're going to do with Derek. I'm not going to give him a long term contract at this stage. He's a good player. He's a smart player. He's a good team guy. There's certainly nothing wrong with him. But you got to wait a little while before you get the big bucks."

…ok, so we know what the Rangers contract plans are with Stepan. Now we just have to hope the Rangers young center is on the same page. Assuming most guys aren't thrilled about signing a "gap" contract, but it's likely Stepan's only option, especially with no other team offer sheeting him.

…to be honest, I didn't like Sather's tone talking about the negotiations. He seemed annoyed. That doesn't bode well. I can absolutely see this running into training camp.

Sather acknowledged that teams have been calling about Brian Boyle's services, but he's not anxious to trade him as it could be something he regrets.

…assuming most Rangers fans don't agree with this. But with Callahan and Hagelin likely to miss the first month of the season and Stepan's contract situation still up in the air, the Rangers absolutely need the forward depth.

Sather also answered questions about Marc Staal's status for the season saying he's 100% healthy and fully recovered from the eye injury.

…Staal hasn't even said he's "fully recovered" from the eye injury. But if true, I just got a whole lot more excited about the season!!!!

Sather also denied that the players came to him about John Tortorella during exit interviews…

…hmmmm. Someone isn't telling the truth here as Torts seems pretty confident that the players threw him under the bus. As much as I think Torts calling out his players the other day was sour grapes, I do believe him over Sather who is likely trying to protect his Ranger players.

He also discussed the likely reason for Brad Richards' struggles last season…

…pretty much what most Rangers fans suspected. It's very difficult to catch up with everyone if your behind the eight ball conditioning-wise, especially during a shortened season. I'm still feeling confident about a bounce back season for Richards.

To listen to the entire interview, click here.

…seriously, why doesn't Sather do more interviews? Whenever he gives them, he's incredibly insightful and allows the fans to understand his thought process.

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