Sather: Stepan Needs to Stop Listening to His Agent

During a segment between periods last night, Glen Sather discussed the tumultuous contract negotiations with Derek Stepan…

“I don’t think Derek is going to let this thing linger that long. I don’t think he is a big enough fool to think that he will sit out the year and it will do any good.”

Sather added that it's unfortunate that Stepan has listened to his agent Matt Oates.

…similar to what happens with budget negotiations in Congress, this will likely get done in the final hours before the start of the regular season. So I'm not at all concerned Stepan is going to sit out the entire year. My worry is how far behind he's getting by continuing this holdout. And after seeing the Rangers effort and lack of scoring last night, his return could be used right about now. I know Blueshirt fans have been drooling over Lindberg, but if you think the Swedish rookie would be able to replace Stepan's expected production this season I've got a bridge to sell you.

…in the end I think Stepan caves, because missing the entire year will likely do great harm to his reputation as well as diminish his skills. And I really believe that Sather isn't moving from his position. He's more than willing to let this play out as long as it takes. You can be sure that Sather has developed quite a poker face over the years and he's not going to flinch, especially when he knows he has the best hand.

…having said that, I think the team's lack of consistant offense this preseason proves that Stepan is sorely needed.

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