Richards Seems Positive

Last season was obviously a nightmare for Brad Richards. Culminating with his benching in the playoffs against the Bruins.

Despite his lackluster year, the Rangers decided to not amnesty him during the offseason and from the reports I've seen all summer he's determined to prove his detractors wrong.

From his intense workouts with Martin St. Louis to showing up early for informal practices, Richards is doing it the right way. And it sounds like his new coach is noticing (via Blueshirts United)…

"I told Brad to turn the page and not to talk about what happened in the past," explained Alain Vigneault. "It's behind you, and I wasn't here so I don't care. Every time I see him he seems real positive, real upbeat. This is a new season and I'm sure he will put his best foot forward."

…some guys can lose confidence and never regain their form once things start heading downhill, but Richards has taken it as a challenge and it looks like he's up to it. Hopefully for the Rangers and their fans all his extra work will pay off with a comeback season.

Vigeault also spoke about the opportunity young players will have in camp…

"Talent has no age. When a player is ready to play and ready to contribute and ready to help the New York Rangers win, he's going to play on our team and he's going to get the ice time he deserves to get."

…in related news, Lindberg, Kristo and Fast are extremely psyched right now.

…listen, Torts did a lot of things wrong as the head coach of the Rangers, but you can't deny how he changed the culture of the organization allowing young players such as Stepan, McD, Del Zotto, Hagelin and others cut their teeth at the NHL level. So it's very reassuring to hear AV state that he'll continue with that mindset.

…and with the Rangers lack of super star scorers (other than Nash) along with the Callahan and Hagelin injuries, if those rookies are lucky enough to make the Rangers they will be counted on to contribute on the scoreboard every night.

Here's video of AV's entire press conference yesterday…

To watch at Blueshirts United, click here.

To watch at Blueshirts United, click here.

Jim Cerny at Blueshirts United gives us the training camp schedule…

"Thursday will be about on-ice conditioning, Friday will be the first drills, and then by Saturday he and his staff will begin instilling the systems he wants the team to play under this season. After the Rangers play pre-season games against the Devils and Flyers next Monday and Tuesday respectively, Vigneault said that the coaches will begin working with the players on special teams play and systems."

…cannot believe that the first preseason game is Monday. It feels like only yesterday that the Rangers couldn't buy a goal during their series with Bruins and were eliminat….Clean slate Kevin, clean slate.

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