Richards Excited for a Different Voice Coaching the Team

Last week, John Tortorella took a shot at his former players for allegedly throwing him under the bus during exit interviews with Glen Sather. Now one of those players is returning fire as Brad Richards said this to Larry Brooks at the New York Post about the offseason coaching change to Alain Vigneault…

“I’m excited to have a difference voice [coaching the team] and a coach with a different view of how we should play that’s more focused on offense. It suits me and I think it suits everybody more on the whole team, to be honest.”

…ZING! Them fightin' words. I guess we know who ripped Torts during his exit interview. Got to say I'm shocked to see Richards go after his former coach like that. I thought the two of them, despite the benching in the playoffs, were tight.

Richards admits he hasn't spoken to Vigneault yet, however, he feels the former Canucks coach's style of play will be a lot more fun for a player like him.

Richards also spoke about his offseason after last year's struggles…

“Mentally, I can’t allow whatever struggles I’m going through to get to me. But last year’s in the past. I’ve dealt with that,” Richards said. “I’m excited about this coming year and getting back to where I think my game can be and should be.

“I know I can play the game. Sometimes I might have to defend myself a little bit to people who think I can’t play anymore. I’m very motivated. [Last season] kept me very hungry all summer.”

…i've said it since the Rangers decided to not amnesty Richards, despite taking a huge financial risk, I think Richards is going to have a bounce back year. His pride has taken a hit and he's motivated to prove his detractors wrong. Don't know about you guys, but I always bet on the guy with something to prove.

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