Revenge on Pacioretty?

Sadly, there have been a number of low points for the Rangers this season, but to me none worse than the last time the Rangers visited their "House of Horrors" in Montreal.

They were physically dominated from one end of the ice to the other and inexplicably didn't come to the aid of teammates Ryan McDonagh and Marty Biron after they were run by Montreal players during the 3-0 loss.

It got so bad, Canadien players were actually laughing at the Rangers for their lack of response to Biron being bowled over at the end of the game. Meanwhile their toughness was not only question by Biron after the game but from every corner of the hockey world the rest of the week.

I mean seriously, how could they not come to the defense of McDonagh after Max Pacioretty did this…

…we've all been looking for something, anything to jolt this team and I think the Rangers jumping Pacioretty off the opening face-off is it. I haven't seen this team stick up for each other once this year. We've seen Nash crushed by Lucic, nothing. McDonagh hit from behind by Pacioretty, nothing. Kreider flattened by Orpik, nothing. Time for the 2013 Rangers to stop being a group of individuals and become a team.

…and for those of you worried about the Rangers possibly giving up a short-handed goal on the very likely ensuing Montreal power play in such an important game. All I can say is this. After a watching a teammate come to the aid of another, you can bet that the Rangers penalty kill unit will go balls to the wall to make sure that penalty is killed off. And if not, who cares? They're in Montreal. It's not like they're going to win anyway.

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