Refs Rob Rangers of Two Goals

I'm not one to make excuses. And the Rangers especially don't deserve any when they lose to an Ottawa team playing without Erik Karlsson, Jason Spezza and Milan Michalek, who also lost their starting goaltender to injury in the third period. But they were completely jobbed out of two goals in the third period.

The first came on the controversial play early in the period when Chris Kreider was tripped by Ottawa's Marc Methot and crashed into goaltender Craig Anderson. While everyone was preoccupied with the collision they missed the puck actually go into the net but come immediately out when Anderson bumps the pipe. Watch here…

…there is absolutely no reason that shouldn't have been a goal. It crossed the goal line before the goal was dislodged and the whistle blew. Plus there was no penalty on Kreider so the goal wouldn't have been wiped out.

…that's just a terrible job by everyone missing that. The refs, the Toronto war room, Sam & Joe and the Rangers. How is someone on the Blueshirts staff not watching for something like that?

The next screw job came shortly after, when the referee was in terrible position, lost site of the puck and blew just an atrocious quick whistle that negated what would have been Jeff Halpern's first goal as a Ranger to tie the game at 1-1.

…i'm sorry, as a ref you have to put yourself in the correct position to see the puck at all times and if you lose sight of it for a second you shouldn't immediately blow the whistle. Disgraceful

…with the Rangers struggling to score they could ill afford to have two goals missed. And with them losing in the shootout it ultimately cost them the game.

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