Ref Curses Off John Tortorella; Tuukka Rask Has a Sailor Mouth [NSFW]

We all know hockey is an emotionally-driven sport. The players feed off of it and are sometimes energized by it. Salty language usually couples high emotions, but did you ever expect to hear a referee engage in it?

That's exactly what happened last night in Game 4 between the Bruins and Rangers. During a stoppage, John Tortorella can be seen on the CNBC broadcast mouthing off to someone off camera. It turns out to be a referee, and the mics pick up what the official said back…

– It's always funny to hear these exchanges, especially on live TV. Torts really laid into the ref after getting cursed at. Lucky he wasn't tossed.

This wasn't the only instance of curing caught on live TV.

Back on Tuesday after Game 3, Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask was being interviewed on MSG following the win. You can see something distracts him not once but twice during a question and, briefly forgetting where he was, decided to respond…

– Not sure what that person was trying to do, but Rask was caught in a bro moment. Kept his composure and apologized after.

– Wonder what he said after flopping for Hagelin's goal last night.

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