Redden to Be Asked to Stay Home; Del Zotto Trade Rumors Not True

Larry Brooks at the New York Post reports that at the Rangers request, it appears Wade Redden will sit out the entire season in order to ensure he does not get hurt and thus jeopardize the planned postseason compliance buyout of the final year of his contract.

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…as expected. Rangers couldn't take a chance with Redden getting injured and missing the buyout. Especially with the cap expected to be lowered to $64.3 million next year.

Meanwhile, Spector's Hockey responds to the Michael Del Zotto to Edmonton rumors

…absolutely boggles my mind that a legit news source like Spector needs to waste their time refuting such an illegitimate source such as Eklund.

…having said that, if the Rangers and Del Zotto don't strike a deal soon the Rangers could look to move him. Which, despite my criticisms of MDZ, would be a huge mistake. Del Zotto is still a very young player with a ton of offensive talent that the Rangers are sorely lacking on the blueline. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and a deal will get done shortly.

Speaking of Del Zotto, Pat Leonard at the Daily News breaks down what could be holding up his contract negotiations with the Rangers…

"the Rangers are probably looking to give Del Zotto something close to what they paid former forwards Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov out of their entry-level deals with no arbitration rights (each player got two years, $3.7 million, or an average of $1.875 million per year)….Considering the long stalemate – and the fact that Del Zotto is coming out of an annual entry-level number of $875,000, higher than players such as Dubinsky and Anisimov – Del Zotto is probably seeking something from $2.3 million to $2.5 million per season."

…if Leonard's numbers are correct, I'd say Rangers are seriously low balling Del Zotto. The young defenseman's demands seem more than resonable.

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