Rangers Will Not Revisit Arnott

Andrew Gross at the Bergen Record has this quote from Glen Sather on Jason Arnott failing his physical…

“He couldn’t pass a medical so we’ll move on, that’s all I can tell you."

Obviously, the interest in Arnott proves the Rangers are looking to upgrade their roster, which Sather also addressed…

“We’re always looking. We have 10 rookies at Hartford (AHL). It’s necessary to look around. It’s going to be a long year, you never know what’s going to happen. There’s always injuries so it’s smart to look around.”

…good to see Sather at least acknowledge the Rangers depth issues. After looking at available free agents, I don't see anyone on par with Arnott, so it would behoove the Rangers to just hang tight and let their still very talented line-up to build some chemistry. Unless you guys feel bringing back Radek Dvorak is a good idea.

…while I've had my issues with the Rangers medical staff (see Boogaard situation), got to give them credit for being competent enough to question Arnott's ability to perform. As a Mets fan, I know firsthand how a medical staff can bungle things.

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