Rangers Were Moore’s First Choice

Yesterday, the Rangers held a conference call with Dominic Moore to officially announce his signing…

To watch at Blueshirts United, click here.

…after everything this guy has been through the last year or so, it's great that he can get back into the game.

…i've had a couple of readers complain to me about the signing, but what's not to like about a fourth line center who will give his all on every shift. He is the kind of guy we complained about the Rangers not having last year. Plus he's been to two Conference Finals, so he is battle tested.

…Moore also has a career 52.4% faceoff success rate and we all know how horrendous the Rangers are on faceoffs. He will be even more (no pun intended) important in Vigneault's zone matching system as he will likely be taking the bulk of the defensive zone faceoffs.

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