Rangers To Wear New Outdoor Jersey for Yankee Stadium Games

While having two outdoor games at Yankee Stadium this season is thrilling enough, Jim Cerny at Blueshirts United has sent my excitement level through the roof after reporting during a recent live chat that the Rangers will be wearing a brand new alternate jersey for the two Stadium Series games.

If you remember, the Rangers had a huge jersey unveiling ceremony at Wollman Rink in New York City for the 2012 Winter Classic…


…one of my favorite parts about the 2012 Winter Classic was all the speculation about the jersey. While I don't anticipate a big ceremony such as the one above, I do think they'll have some kind of unveiling event for the fans.

…as far as the expected look, my hope is that it'll look a little something like this…

…and please, I beg of you, don't be the guy who buys the Chinese knock-off jersey before the actual one is unveiled…

…would love to hear you thoughts on possible design in the comments section.

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