Rangers to Travel 2nd Fewest Miles This Season

Dirk Hoag at On the Forecheck released his fifth annual "Super Schedule" in which he tracks the mileage of each team's schedule and the Rangers will be traveling the second fewest this year by logging just 12,048 miles. The Minnesota Wild will traverse North America the most with 31,345 miles, while the Devils will log the fewest with just 11,659.

 Hoag also notes that the Rangers will have the fewest back-to-backs this season with just six. The Red Wings and Blackhawks are tied for the most with 12.

…because of the entirely in-conference schedule, there's nothing the NHL could do close the gap between the least and most traveled teams to make it more fair. Can't change where teams play. However, if I'm the Red Wings and Blackhawks, I'm irate that my team has double the amount of back-to-backs as the Rangers. Got to figure arena availability had a lot to do with this discrepancy.

…based on travel alone, I would think the Eastern Conference team will be much fresher in the Stanley Cup Finals giving them a tremendous advantage.

H/T to Puck Daddy.

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