Rangers to Rally Around Talbot?

This Rangers team needs something, make that anything, to get them jump started this season. A big goal. A big hit. Or perhaps a backup goaltender making his first NHL start.

When Cam Talbot skates out to his crease in Philadelphia for the first time in an NHL game tonight, you have to assume there's going to be a little more juice in the Rangers players, who will be trying to help make the kid's first NHL experience a memorable one.

Here's Alain Vigneault

“I’m confident he’s going to play well. By playing well, I’m hoping our players are going to rally round this young man, his first opportunity to play an NHL game. It’s a moment he’ll remember the rest of his life. Hopefully, there will be many good ones after.”

Brad Richards reiterated that sentiment

"We want to make his first game a memorable one. No better place for him to go in than Philly. Hopefully, he'll give us some new energy."

Talbot also hopes his first NHL start will spark his teamates…

"The energy's been great (at practice). The guys will rally around me. We've got a great group of guys here. They're obviously going to know it's my first game, so I think they're going to be working a little extra hard for me and I'll be doing the same for them."

…i really think this start from Talbot comes at the perfect time. An uninspired almost disinterested Rangers team has now been given some motivation, while facing an offensively inept Philly team. Sounds like the perfect scenario to me.

…unfortunately, that can all be undone if Talbot allows the emotion of his first start get the best of him. Hopefully, the experience he gained in the preseason will allow him to settle down, relax and let the game come to him.

…plus he's wearing a Ghostbusters inspired mask. He can't lose.

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