Rangers to Monitor Lundqvist After Numerous Head Shots

On Wednesday, I wondered with all the head shots Henrik Lundqvist has been taking lately along with his complains of headaches whether he was playing with a concussion.

Now comes this report from Pat Leonard at the Daily News that the Rangers will be monitoring Lundqvist to see if the effects of those blows will continue…

"…the Rangers will keep a watchful eye on their star goaltender following a week in which he took several shots to the head and complained of pain in both his neck and head…Lundqvist never said the word 'concussion,' but left unsaid was the concern that symptoms from those hits to the head could linger."

Here was Lundqvist on his condition before last night's game in Ottawa…

"I feel good. I just had a couple days there where I felt a little off. Sometimes that helps your game, too. When you're a little off, you just have to focus harder on getting the job done … You're not going to feel great all the time, but you just have to – sometimes when you're off or maybe a little sick or whatever it is, you're just focusing to play your game and to try to help the team."

…obviously I'm not a doctor, but if the Rangers are concerned to the point that they are monitoring him for possible lingering concussion symptoms, shouldn't they shut him down and watch him off the ice? How could they risk him taking another shot off the dome that could end his career? I'm sure the Rangers medical staff held their collective breath a few times watching Lundqvist get run over last night.

…would have been real easy to give Biron the start last night, let Lundqvist rest his ailments and have him ready to go tomorrow night in Montreal. To me, the Rangers doctors are to the point of rivaling the Mets' for worst in all of sports.

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