Rangers Stepped Up Effort to Trade Del Zotto Likely Thwarted With Staal Injury

After last night's game, Bruce Garrioch at the Ottawa Sun posted an article that stated the Rangers have stepped up their efforts to try and move Michael Del Zotto, and that the asking price is a top-four blueliner in return.

I have to assume this was written before Marc Staal's apparent concussion, because if long term, this injury likely thwarts any potential Del Zotto trade the Rangers were contemplating.

Not only does a Staal absence leave a huge hole in the Rangers defense that Del Zotto could be looked upon to fill, it likely destroys any leverage Glen Sather might have had as he now becomes desperate for a defensive replacement on the trade market.

…i have been more than critical of Del Zotto on this blog, but trading a defenseman who, in my mind, still has potential for a lesser commodity based on this situation would be the height of a panic move.

…now I'm not just saying hand Del Zotto the keys to top 4 minutes on defense, but it makes no sense to allow this circumstance to force Sather's hand.

…to me, this situation screams for a McIlrath call-up. Not only are the Rangers in obvious need of defensive depth, the fact that Staal's so-called teammates just sat on their hands (the way they did when Nash was knocked out twoce) while their oft-concussed defenseman laid sprawled out on the ice proves they are in desperate need of some toughness.

…just look at the game last night. Once the Devils began to play physical, the Rangers wilted. They had zero answers. No way with McIlrath in the lineup he allows that to happen. Can I guarantee that McIlrath is ready for prime time? Absolutely not. But at some point the Rangers need to give this kid a chance. Now seems as good of a time as any.

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