Rangers Stand By Torts After Avery Tweet

Yesterday, while most of us were enjoying egg hunts and Easter dinner, the Rangers, lead by Ryan Callahan, were rallying around their coach by responding to Sean Avery's ridiculous tweet criticizing John Tortorella…

“Sean Avery’s comments solely represent his own thoughts and opinions. He did not speak for us as a team when he was here and certainly does not now.”

…i really feel if the Rangers had tuned Torts out this response would not have come.

…were they trying to get ahead of the story? Sure. And responding absolutely gives Avery's comments credibility. But I really don't think Callahan nor the team would have come forward with this statement unless they really meant it.

…and who knows, maybe it has a Joe Thornton affect on this team and forces them to rally around their embattled head coach.

Meanwhile, Avery responded to Callahan's response…

…after what happened last season, I didn't find it hard to believe that Avery would tweet that Torts was a clown. But no way he goes after Callahan. Which is why after seeing this tweet, my inner conspiracy theorist has stood at attention.

…the Rangers have for the most part always stood up for Avery. No matter what his antics were, the players supported him. When no one would go near him with a ten foot pole after the 'Sloppy Seconds' comments, the Rangers were the only team to come calling. So I think Avery did this as one final thank you to his former club. What better way to bring a team together than by having them rally around their coach. It has also taken the focus off another horrendous showing in Montreal.

…Sean Avery has already saved three Rangers seasons during his career, it looks like he might be making an attempt at #4.

Larry Brooks at the New York Post adds that there is no evidence ownership or upper management has given the slightest thought to dismissing Tortorella.

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