Rangers Schedule & Division Name Announced

The Rangers are now members of the new and improved Metrosexual Metropolitan Division and will begin the season on Thursday, October 3rd in Phoenix.

The Rangers will then play eight more games on the road before their home opener on Monday, October 28th against the Canadiens.

For the entire schedule, click here.

The other division names are the Atlantic in the East and the Central and Pacific in the West. For more on the Division names, click here.

…first to the Division names. In a word, horrific. The re-alignment gave the NHL an opportunity to right a wrong by reviving the old Patrick, Adams, Norris and Smythe names and in typical Bettman fashion they BLEW IT!!!!!

…and are they kidding me with Metropolitan Division? If they wanted to define the areas of the cities, they should have called the new Central Division the Suburb Division as well.

…to the schedule, the NHL makes another flub by not opening up the Rangers schedule in Vancouver with former coach vs. former coach. Now I have to get excited for Phoenix. Yeah!!!! Ok, they could be playing a Pee Wee team for all I care on opening night, but still, terrible job.

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