Rangers Playing With More Desperation & Emotion

The last few games we've seen a much improved Rangers team. So what's changed? Better understanding of Alain Vigneault's system? Another closed door meeting? Nope. Derrick Brassard lays it all out for us (via Daily News)…

“There’s more desperation in our game, there’s more emotion, more desperation about winning. We’re not playing any differently, X’s and O’s, just with more emotion.”

…this has been something myself and many of you have been begging for from this Rangers team all season. Passion. They're finishing checks, skating hard, coming to the aid of teammates and it's translating into wins. I'm not sure what, if anything, flipped the switch, but they have been so much more enjoyable to watch even in the loses.

…and the one player who most personifies the Rangers renewed energy is Zuccarello. Guy has been a force on the ice since he was benched earlier in the season and his care free, jovial attitude in the locker room must be having a positive effect on his teammates.

…now, the Rangers are still a long way from convincing me that this is a permanent change and I still think some trades need to be made to upgrade the roster, but I started to get an inkling things were turning around last week when they began to display some resiliency. Just have to hope the players don't lose this emotional edge during the Christmas break.

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