Rangers Outdoor Games Officially Announced

Update, 1:43 p.m.:
And when I say will be made official later this week, I meant today as the NHL officially announced them this afternoon.

Some additional information as the Rangers/Devils game will be played at 12:30pm on Sunday, January 26th and will be televised on NBC, while the Rangers/Islanders game will be played at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 29th and will be televised on the NBC Sports Network.

Original Post:
Chris Botta at the Sports Business Journal reports that both Rangers outdoor games against the Islanders and Devils at Yankee Stadium next January will be made official later this week.

Botta adds that the Rangers will benefit financially by being the visitor for both games as they will continue to have 41 home games at MSG.

The Devil game is scheduled for January 26th, while the Islander game will be on January 29th.

For more on the outdoor games, click here.

…i've already said my peace about eventually watering down the Winter Classic with the addition of all these outdoor games (see here), but at least in the immediate, I'm definitely fired up to watch or hopefully attend these games next season.

…assuming with the lack of exposure each team gets, neither the Devils nor the Islanders argued very much, if it all, about losing a home game. Although with how antiquated and run down the Coliseum is, the roof will likely get blown off at some point soon making all their home games outdoors next season.

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