Rangers Officially Name Samuelsson, Arniel Assistant Coaches (Update: Not Done Hiring)

Update, 12:47 p.m.:

Pat Leonard at the Daily News reports that the Rangers might not be done hiring assistants.

Reports have stated that goaltending coach Benoit Allaire will be retained.

…so the Rangers are going to go from two guys on the bench to like seven?!?!?!

Original Post:

When asked about his ideal style of defensive play, Samuelsson told Andrew Gross at the Bergen Record

"No one screening the goalie, no one getting rebounds."

…and somewhere Henrik Lundqvist is smiling.

…one of the biggest reasons Rangers fans despised Tortorella's shock blocking scheme were the goals that either deflected off of defenders passed Lundqvist or were due to screens. If Lundqvist can see it, he will save it. Period.

Samuelsson, who was also at prospects camp yesterday, added that being a head coach in Sweden was good for his development and he wanted to get back to NHL in some capacity.

Arniel was not at the MSG training facility today.

…still not excited about the Arniel hiring because of his past issues with Brassard. As Adam said yesterday, Sather likely spoke with Brassard about the hiring, but my concern is that he merely gave him a heads-up and didn't ask for his input. Now, should one player's feelings on a coach determine whether the Rangers hire the person or not? Of course not, but Brassard, who led the Rangers in playoff scoring last year, seemed like a different player in New York, so why would they create an environment that could possibly stunt his improved play? Seems like an unnecessary risk.

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