Rangers Move Into 7th Place

Despite being idle last night, the Rangers actually moved ahead of Ottawa into seventh place as a result of the Senators 3-1 loss to the Penguins. Both teams have 52 points, but the Rangers own the tiebreaker due to having more regulation/overtime wins.

Ottawa has three games remaining: @Capitals, vs. Flyers and @Bruins.

In another games of interest, ninth place Winnipeg defeated the Buffalo Sabres 2-1 to pull them within one point of both the Rangers and Senators as well as one point from the Capitals who currently reside in the three seed as the Southeast Division leader.

Winnipeg has two games remaining: @Capitals, vs. Canadiens.

Washington has three games remaining: vs. Jets, vs. Senators, vs. Bruins

The Islanders have three games remaining: @Hurricanes, @Flyers, @Sabres

The Rangers have three games remaining: @Panthers, @ Hurricanes, vs. Devils

Here's what the standings look like…

…man, six through nine are nuts right now. The Rangers are one point from being out of the playoffs while also being one point from sixth place. This final week is going to take a couple of years off my life.

…just looking at the remaining schedules, even though they currently occupy the three seed and their remaining games are at home, I think the Capitals may end up being the odd man out.

…and amazingly enough, the Rangers actually still have a chance to end up in the fifth seed if the Maple Leafs completely fall apart.

A Rangers win combined with a Winnipeg loss tonight, clinches a playoff spot for the Blueshirts.

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