Rangers/Lundqvist Having Positive Contract Discussions

According to Craig Custance at ESPN.com, despite Henrik Lundqvist not wanting contract negotiations with the Rangers to affect his play this season, both sides continue to talk extension. Here's Lundqvist's agent Craig Oster…

"Both sides are motivated to find a way to work together. It's been good positive discussions. The Rangers have tried, we just haven't been able to find something that satisfied both sides."

Larry Brooks at the New York Post said this morning that there's been a breakdown in contract negotiations.

…interesting quote from Lundqvist's agent. Sounds like the Rangers have been making offers, but Lundqvist has been rejecting them. With the way he's been playing Hank might want to re-think that strategy, because these might be the most generous ones he gets.

…i'm still of the belief that Sather needs to stand firm and not offer anything longer than a 5-6-year deal at $7.5 million.

…as far as his sub-par play. It could be the contract. It could be the smaller pads. Or maybe it's the defensive breakdowns in front of him. None of us know what the issue is, but all I know is that the Rangers can call-up as many players as they want or make as many trades as they want and it won't amount to a hill of beans if Lundqvist doesn't get back on track. I think you all agree he's that important to the team's success.

H/T to reader Mike B.

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